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With thousands of products launched every day, it's becoming increasingly challenging to discover cool new stuff. That's why we dive into a sea of items every week, and each Sunday, we'll send you a short email (designed to be read in under 5 min) with the coolest physical products we find from all niches and industries.

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We emphasize design-first product curation, so expect a lot of beautiful things in your inbox. Every day, we scour the mighty web (and beyond) looking for drool-worthy design objects, the kind you won't find on your day-to-day eCommerce site. We are perfectionists when it comes to the quality and design of the items we curate. Only the cool toys make it to your inbox.

Plain-ol' human- written & curated content

Call us old-fashioned, but we still write the content ourselves, one human-typed keystroke at a time. We're stubborn like that. Everything here is human- written & curated and is likely to stay like that, at least until AI will achieve Westworld-level self-awareness, and we’ll all be f*cked.

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What is VVD.RED?

VVD (pronounced Vivid Red, but feel free to call it Vivid, VVD, or not at all — we won’t mind) is the ultimate product discovery newsletter for design enthusiasts.

Remember that family-run shop around the corner where your mom used to take you when you were a kid to buy you anything from LED sneakers to your back-to-school backpack to that embarrassing hat you had to wear every time you visited your grandma? Yup, that’s all gone now. Today, there are hundreds of overwhelming choices for every product you can imagine. Sadly, search engines & social media algorithms way too often bury remarkable products, meaning it is becoming harder and harder to discover the cool stuff. That’s where we come in.

Founded & curated by two design-obsessed black-belt-cool-product-finders with a my-kung-fu-is-better-than-your-kung-fu attitude, VVD (to be read vivid red or whatever) is a product discovery newsletter meant to do exactly what we’ve just said earlier on this page in 100 different ways.